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Perhaps the most difficult part of surviving cancer is living with the deformity which may be caused by surgery and radiation on the face, body and skin.  For many, this constant reminder is a major obstacle when returning to society and being accepted by it.  The Stem Cell Lift® brings a new hope for the dawn of the future of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Surgical defects that leave large dents and obvious lop-sidedness on the face and body may be corrected using stem cell enhanced fat injections from your own body fat. The stem cells in your fat will help correct the defect by filling the area and softening the scar tissues.  The stem cells help to bring better blood supply to the area, repair damaged tissue, remodel the scar tissue and add volume to the indented areas.

Why Fat is the Best Filler
Stem cells in the fat have the ability to become part of the tissue that they are found next to.  They have the ability to become fat, muscle, bone, cartilage and more.  Therefore the stem cell enhanced fat will feel, look , act and move as the tissues it is injected into making it appear and feel natural to touch and visually undetectable.

Advantages of Stem Cell Reconstruction VS. Old Methods

  • Done under local anesthesia

  • No cutting or stitches

  • Your own natural fat and stem cells

  • Minimal risk of complications

  • Minimal recovery time

  • Natural looking results

  • Helps to correct defect by filling and restoring symmetry

  • Helps improve appearance of skin

  • Regenerates and heals tissues

  • Improves blood flow to the area

  • Softens scars

  • Long lasting results

  • No foreign materials

  • A fraction of the cost of older methods

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