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Find the answer to all of your questions about how stem cells can restore your youthful beauty by the world-renowned innovator of the Stem Cell Lift®,

Dr. Nathan Newman 


Yes! I want to learn more about the Stem Cell Facelift Procedure!

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Yes! I want to learn more about Stem Cell Facelift  Procedure!

Dr. Nathan Newman is a world-renowned expert & pioneer in stem cell therapy, research & technology. He innovated the Stem Cell Lift® procedure nearly 20 years ago. The Stem Cell Lift Facelift procedure uses your own stem cells to improve and restore what has been lost over the course of aging such as hollow areas, sagging skin, and more, essentially giving you an all-natural, 3-D facelift with no cutting or pulling.  Dr. Newman not only performs this famous and natural, non-scarring Stem Cell Lift procedure but he also travels the world to speak about it. He is constantly researching and striving to make this procedure the best that there is.

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The Stem Cell Lift is an amazing procedure. I look rested, rejuvenated, natural, and 10 years younger! Dr. Newman is kind, compassionate and talented, he is truly an artist at his work. I get so many compliments on my skin and am thrilled with the results!
"When I came to Dr. Newman I wanted to get back my youthful look without anyone knowing I was having anything "done".  When I got back home, people only noticed that I looked way younger then my age and asked me about my skincare routine! That is exactly what I wanted, a natural facelift."
"I chose the Stem Cell Lift to rejuvenate my face...I did not want to go under the knife or have plastic surgery. I had no scarring and had immediate recovery...after 3 days I looked amazing and I couldn't believe it! Dr. Newman helped me get back what I wanted and paid attention to me needs."

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