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Stem Cell Lift- The All-Natural, Cutting Edge, Joint Procedure

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Chuck Liddell 

Using The Cutting Edge Stem Cell Lift Procedure

To Gain Back Full Mobility In His Joints

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  • Non-Surgical Procedure

  • Minimal Risk

  • Minimal Downtime

  • No General Anesthesia

Find Out The Secret To How Chuck Liddell Used Natural methods To Repair His joints To His Comeback Fight

Yes! I want to learn more about the Stem Cell Lift Joint Procedure!

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Dr. Nathan Newman is a world-renowned expert & pioneer in stem cell therapy, research & technology. He innovated the Stem Cell Lift® procedure nearly 20 years ago. The Stem Cell Lift Joint procedure may improve the joint symptoms without the need to undergo major surgery or general anesthesia. The most natural and safest method of stem cell use is to allow the genetically programmed stem cells found in your fat to carry out their reparative and regenerative functions in the body, therefore working to heal the joint pain.  Dr. Newman not only performs this famous and natural, non-scarring Stem Cell Lift procedure but he also travels the world to speak about it. He is constantly researching and striving to make this procedure the best that there is.

Hear what Sebastiaan “Bas” Rutten, an actor and retired mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and professional wrestler, UFC heavyweight champion, and a three-time King of Pancrase World Champion has to say about the Stem Cell Lift Joint Procedure!


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“I wanted to give an updated since coming in for procedure with Dr. Newman.My knee is a real success story! 12 days after my knee injection I noticed a huge difference! I was walking more comfortably and could reduce the pain medication I was taking and, in the days, since I think the improvement has continued!I can now skip to the metro and walk an extra 15 minutes which is something I could not do before the injections.I am thrilled with the progress! Thank you, Dr. Newman and staff,” -C.D.
“I went to see Dr. Newman for the stem cell / prp knee injections just last week.  I cannot say enough about how wonderful he is - and every member of his office and nursing staff.  The TLC I received, with gentleness, smiles and great humor made the entire experience actually pleasurable.  One does not usually feel that way about a surgical procedure :-).
It will take a while for us to determine if the injections are going to give me some relief, and I will definitely report back after time passes.
I only wish they were located on the east coast!” –M.T
“I had excruciating pain in my knees before I had the Stem Cell Lift procedure.Dr. Newman is the most caring doctor ever with an amazing staff.I was on the verge of needing a replacement. I chose the stem cell procedure instead and I was able to walk the very next day with minimal pain!” -A.B