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Carrying on a family legacy of internationally renowned physicians, Dr. Nathan Newman is a Board Certified Dermatologist, a Cosmetic Surgeon, and a pioneer in stem cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine.  He is world-renowned for his ground-breaking Stem Cell Lift®, a knife-free, scar-free face lift that restores the 3-dimensional, youthful proportions of the face by restoring proper volume via injections of concentrated stem cells.  His proprietary procedure extracts fat from the patient’s own body, which he then separates and concentrates the stem cells found in the extracted fat, significantly increasing the number of stem cells ratio to fat cells.  The stem cell rich fat is then injected into the desired area of the body for rejuvenation, augmentation, repair or reconstruction.  The Stem Cell Lift® may be performed in less than four hours, under local anesthesia, and requires minimal down time.  By harnessing the natural, regenerative abilities of your own stem-cell rich fat, this revolutionary procedure is redefining surgery with scar-free face lifts, non-surgical nose enhancements, liposuction correction, vaginal rejuvenation and body sculpting, including the face, hands, breasts, buttocks and calves.

Dr. Newman is constantly striving to develop new and advanced methods of achieving natural results, with the least risk and the optimal benefits for each individual patient.  As a pioneer and innovator in the field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Newman continues to expand the application of his innovative Stem Cell Lift® procedure through his cutting-edge stem cell research and clinical applications uses for adult stem cells beyond cosmetic surgery.  These include reconstructive surgery to repair and restore anatomical defects resulting from cancer surgery or trauma; treatment to provide relief to patients who are suffering from autoimmune diseases such as Lichen Sclerosis, a debilitating skin disease; wound healing for chronic ulcers or non-healing wounds and skin defects; and in collaboration with his team of specialists for repair or rejuvenation of injured or aging joints, muscles and tendons.

Dr. Newman’s philosophy of patient care is twofold.  In addition to providing the best possible care with compassion to the whole person, he is dedicated to educating his patients and introducing them to the latest developments in the medical and surgical field.  Dr. Newman utilizes the safest, least invasive and most natural and advanced methods available to produce the most natural looking results.

Dr. Newman has created an entire line of Derma-grade™ skin care products: The Newman Formula™ and a second skin care line based on his proprietary stem cell technology that is redefining youth: Luminesce™.  His sophisticated skin care lines complement and complete a comprehensive approach, for a natural, youthful appearance, while achieving and maintaining healthy skin and the most radiant complexion possible.

Dr. Newman is the founder and Medical Director of the fully accredited, state-of-the-art, and respected Orchid Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California.  Dr. Newman’s Orchid Surgery Center is the discrete destination for those seeking innovative, advanced and rejuvenating techniques in cosmetic surgery and stem cell therapy.

Dr.  Nathan Newman was educated and trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in the United States.  After attending the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Newman received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.  He completed his internship in internal medicine at UCLA-VA Medical Center in Los Angeles, and his residency in dermatology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.   He then completed his fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Riverside, California.  He is Board Certified in Dermatology and specializes in cosmetic surgery and he is on the forefront of stem cell therapy.

Dr. Nathan Newman is published in many prestigious medical journals, a speaker and lecturer at numerous international medical meetings, and is interviewed by international print, radio and television media as recognized authority in applications of adult stem cells.  He has been honored by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, as well as the Cambridge Who’s Who for his leadership, dedication and entrepreneurship as a cosmetic surgeon and a pioneer in stem cell technology.