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Stem Cell Lift® at the Home & Family show
Stem Cell Lift® at the Home & Family show

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Stem Cell Lift® on Entertainment Tonight
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Amazing Results from Stem Cell Lift Technology!

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Amazing Results from Stem Cell Lift Technology!

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Amazing Results from Stem Cell Lift Technology!

Stem Cell Lift® on Extra TV
Stem Cell Lift on Extra TV



Client Testimonials

Everything about Dr. Nathan Newman and his staff exceeded my expectations. Dr. Newman has a calm nature that immediately puts patients at ease. The staff was incredibly helpful, professional and friendly. It began with the tea I was offered upon arrival and extended throughout the day (they even drove me to my hotel following the procedure)! They go above and beyond for their patients. It’s not surprising that an excellent doctor would have excellent staff; the positive environment is evident throughout.
In my case, I had a hard substance in my cheek from a previous procedure with a different doctor. My cheek looked lumpy and it bothered me every time I looked in the mirror.  I have seen other injections done poorly; I’m not the only one to have visited a doctor that left them lumpy or uneven. The difference is that Dr. Newman’s work is so smooth!! The contours are beautiful and the wrinkles virtually disappear with the plumping of the skin.
In essence, Dr. Newman is an artist. He knows shape and symmetry, and adds the stem cells in such a way as to accentuate the natural beauty of the face.  It’s been three weeks since the procedure and I couldn't be happier!
I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Newman. For other patients who have experience unsatisfactory procedures elsewhere, please know that there is a doctor who can help. I simply cannot recommend Dr. Newman highly enough!


I feel like a pampered princess. I am thankful to Dr. Newman for his expertise and care to restore my breast and face. I will be telling my friends and recommending Dr. Newman. He is the best doctor in town.
Love is patience – Love is kind – that is Dr. Newman

Dear Dr. Newman & Caring Staff,
I wanted to leave with you all, a small written appreciation for your hospitality, attention to details and support.
From the time I had my questions answered on the website, to all the many emails Maya worked so thoroughly to seek responses for, following with my pre-op emails and calls from Nualla & Evelyn. Right up to my surgery visit and post –op I felt taken care of in an unknown place.
Thanks to everyone for allowing me to accept less than perfect in my expectations, even during my lows someone always tried to reassure my decisions.
My Father and I want to express our greatest thank you for all that was done for us over the course of the week entirely.
A special thank you to the nursing staff for your warmth and patience.
Deep gratitude to Dr. Newman for being realistic & honest in my surgical outcome.
From the Canadian

Dear Dr. Newman & Office Staff
I want to thank you so much for taking such a good care of me. This procedure has lifted my spirits and made me feel like a new woman. There are no words to express how grateful I am for everything you’ve done!!

Dr. Newman, Nualla, & all,
I am very excited to report for my second week after the stem cell Lift to Lichen Sclerosus that I have had very minimal itching / irritation. For about the last five days I have had the minimal itching at the previous spots that were my worst locations for the itching. Rarely am I using any kind of creams nor am I doing any sitz baths!!!!! I have color again and the bumps that I asked you about last week have all but disappeared. Over all I am feeling so much better and really feel like I am getting my grove back!!!!!!
Cannot thank you and your staff enough!!!!
-- Regards,

Dear Dr. Newman and Staff,
Thank you for doing such an excellent job during my last procedure. Your entire staff was amazing. The nurse, technician and office staff all went over and beyond the call of duty to insure that I was attended to in the upmost professional and caring manner. Even after I left your office, the follow up calls were consistently thoughtful and caring.  I am sure that all your patients leave your office confident that their needs were met in a thoughtful and kind way.
Sincerely and with much appreciation,

I have been a member of this group for nearly a year and am grateful to all the members who share their experiences. I was diagnosed with vulvar and anal lichen sclerosus in July 2011. I have followed advice from several members and had varying degrees of success with many of their suggestions.

Clobetasol was a nightmare, dietary changes helped some, supplements also provided some relief but the miracle for me started 1 week ago when I received my first stem cell treatment from Dr. Newman. Within 24 hours I could see tissue repairing. After 1 week I have had more improvement than I had in a year of trying various ways of managing this disease. I have no doubt our bodies are capable of repairing themselves and am amazed in my case how quickly this process is unfolding.

I cannot recommend Dr. Newman and his staff highly enough. Not only is the treatment cutting edge but every person I came into contact with in his office is exceptional. My experience to date is nothing short of miraculous.


Dr. Newman and Staff,
I work in a hospital and know what it means to have good patient care, as well as, customer service.  You and your entire staff have blown my expectations out of the water.  From the moment I spoke with my care coordinator, I was impressed with her personal and professional manner.  She even went as far as helping me make travel arrangements.  The same tone continued with my office visit.  From the front desk to the nursing staff, there wasn’t one person who wasn’t helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable.  Dr. Newman knew how nervous I was and walked me through every detail of the procedure and really made me feel at ease.   
Thank you for making my difficult situation a positive and healing experience. 


I am so grateful to have discovered a doctor who not only provides cutting edge healthcare, but also is compassionate, easy to talk to and a pleasure to interact with. I found Dr. Newman after suffering for many years with Lichen Sclerosis. I was dealing with constant burning and discomfort, as well as tearing with sex. I’d been to countless doctors who treated my condition (unsuccessfully) with the traditional methods of using steroid ointments and hormonal creams. Dr. Newman was the only doctor willing to work with me on new, drug-free, cutting edge treatments to treat my condition. I’ve had a total of 3 stem cell treatments over the past 9 months. After my first treatment, I experienced immediate relief from the constant burning and inflammation I’d been experiencing for years. Each successive treatment gave me even more relief from my symptoms. Now, most days I have no symptoms at all. On the days when I do have symptoms, they are very mild. I’ve been able to stop using the steroids and estrogen creams that I had been taking for over 6 1/2 years. Aside from the treatment Dr. Newman provided, the personal care and attention I’ve received from him and his staff has been exceptional. I’ve received numerous phone calls from Dr. Newman following up on my condition and offering advice on my treatment. His staff makes me feel welcome and I know I’m not “just a patient” to them. Dr. Newman’s team is professional, warm and helpful. They are quick to reply to my emails, questions and calls. I no longer view the staff as Dr. Newman’s – they’ve all become part of my recovery team. I travel over 2,300 miles for Dr. Newman’s care and treatments and I can’t say enough in appreciation for him. He is a fantastic doctor and person. Dr. Newman has improved my quality of life immensely!

--Tammy T.

Dear Dr. Newman: Please accept my big and heartfelt thank you for your help yesterday. I feel that I have always received a royal treatment from you and your staff. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to the nurse who helped me yesterday. Like you, she treated me with the utmost care and concern. Finally, my husband and I really appreciate the warm hospitality you front office staff gave us. Again, millions of thanks to all of you!!!


"When I first met with Dr Newman my biggest concern was resolving the tired look that the dark, thin circles under my eyes were causing. The Stem Cell Facelift really seemed to be my best option. I liked that it lasted so long, it was so much less invasive, more affordable and had better results than a traditional facelift, I got a mini lipo and lastly, I really liked Dr. Newman.It's easy to see the success of my decision when you look at the before and after pictures. But what you can't see in the pictures is the incredible boost to my self-confidence. When I get up in the morning, instead of dreading that first glance in the mirror, I get up and actually look forward to seeing my face! My skin tone and texture is amazing and my favorite part about the whole process is that I look natural. My skin isn't pulled like it would have been with a traditional lift. I look like me, only better! I get compliments daily and NO ONE thinks I had anything done, including my own brother. I saw him 4 weeks after my procedure and he must have said, "You look amazing" a thousand times never guessing that I had had anything done! That was the ultimate test for me. I wouldn’t hesitate for 5 minutes to get the Stem Cell Facelift. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If you want to look amazing, want the best results for the least amount of money, you want it to last and you want it to look natural, the Stem Cell Facelift is perfect for you!"
--H.M, CA

"When I tell anyone about my experiences with Dr Newman, it is impossible not to mention the word trust. Having had various procedures with other doctors before meeting Dr Newman, I can honestly say that trust is probably the single, most important factor in choosing any doctor... especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Since my first procedure with Dr Newman, I have found his judgment in determining and recommending courses of action for treatment, flawless. His eye for detail and his understanding of a patient's emotional needs are, in my opinion, what makes him truly special in his field.

Dr Newman's Stem Cell Lift® procedures have proven to be effective, yet subtle. I didn't look "done" after having undergone the Stem Cell Lift® procedure with Dr. Newman. In fact, when I tell people I have had "work done" after having received a compliment (which I always feel compelled to share with Dr. Newman), I always hear, "Wow! I never would have guessed! You look completely natural!" And that, besides the initial compliment about my appearance, is what reinforces my trust in Dr Newman, and my faith that my face, and body are in the best possible hands! I love the face that greets me in the mirror every morning! Thank you, Dr Newman."
-- Eva M.

"I am a patient of Dr. Newman. My problem was degeneration and atrophy of the face due to repeated radiation and surgery. Once I sought the help of other doctors I found that they had no idea of how to treat my grotesquely deformed face. Many eminent doctors tried and failed at curing this unsightly condition. This took a period of three years and all to no avail. I lost all hope until I found Dr. Newman.

From the very first day Dr. Newman was sanguine and skillful. During all of my treatments Dr. Newman was kind and sympathetic. He truly worked wonders during the Stem Cell Lift® reconstruction of my face. Dr. Newman’s interest was in the perfection of his method and in remaining in the avant-garde of his profession. He is the finest doctor that I have ever known and there is no way to thank him for the miracle that he performed on me. Most doctors are concerned with the accrual of money. However, Dr. Newman was more concern of his creation and his patient.

To this day whenever I encounter reconstructive or plastic or cosmetic surgeons they always ask the same question “HOW DID HE DO IT?” He is the closest I have ever come to meeting a miracle worker. My face is now perfectly balance. Your way of working with the reconstruction of my face has proved you are one of those fine individuals that truly cares. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere and deep gratitude for your extraordinary work."
-- Hersel, Orange County, CA

"I was impressed by Dr. Newman’s knowledge and the basic philosophy he articulates in the article about his approach to the field of cosmetic surgery. My instincts told me here is a person who really cares about his work and obviously loves what he does. Since then, the improvement in my face and neck has been incredible. The results Stem Cell Lift® knocked years off my appearance.

People who have not seen me for a while are amazed at the youthfulness I have acquired and people who don’t know me assume I am much younger than my actual age. The great thing is, it all looks totally natural. No hint of work is evident. Dr. Newman has integrity. He will not do a procedure just because he can or someone requests it. He is on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery and knows which procedure will work and be most effective. In other words, you can trust him. It is reassuring to know, once in awhile you come across the real thing. Dr. Newman is the real thing! Thank you Dr. Newman."
-- R.H

"My friends and I have been treated by some of the most well known dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. None of these doctors can compare to Dr. Nathan Newman with his Stem Cell Lift® . He is the most advanced, cutting edge and brilliant Doctor we have experienced.

God has blessed him with great talent and artistry to make you look naturally younger using the Stem Cell Lift® . Every procedure turns out perfectly and exactly like he says it will. I have learned to fully trust what he promises. He knows exactly the right procedures to do to improve the way you look. Above all, Dr. Newman has a beautiful personality, he is lighthearted, fun and one of the nicest people I have ever met."
-- R. R., Santa Monica, CA

"At 39 years old, I had terrible bags under my eyes, making me look tired all the time and much older than my actual age. Dr. Newman performed the Stem-Cell Lift® on me. I drove myself home that day!

Within about two weeks, my face had returned to normal -- without the bags! People keep telling me I look so well-rested and refreshed. They keep asking me if I went on vacation. They know something is different about me but they can't figure out what. Others who just meet me think that I'm much younger than I actually am. Now I just wake up and don't need to put on makeup to cover up my bags, and have a youthful glow about me. Dr. Newman thank you, thank you, and thank you!"
-- Amy K.

Thank you so much, you're amazing."
--Jessica, Manhattan, NY

"I want to thank you for your excellent work and attention to detail with my Stem Cell Lift® procedure. Everything is working out extremely well, and I am very pleased. Also, I want to extend my gratitude to you and your staff . You made my experience in LA a comfortable and pleasant one, with your attentions and caring attitude towards me and my traveling companion."
-- Evelyn, Gauynabo, PR

"I want to thank you and tell you that every morning that I wake up, I have a big smile on my face. Big thanks!"
-- Verdi, Los Angeles, CA

"Just want to let you know that I think about you all the time. I have never been so happy with my face as I have been since I have been coming to see you. There was always something I didn’t like. Now I look in the mirror and say, 'Thank you Dr. Newman'.
-- Leslie, Beverly Hills, CA

"Dr. Newman and his staff were very caring, compassionate and took the time to make sure I had a safe and successful recovery. Thank you so much!!"
-- Jazmine, Encino, CA




Dr. Nathan Newman is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, and innovator of the Stem Cell Lift®. To schedule a private consultation,
please contact Dr. Newman's office.

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