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Why Stem Cell Lift®?

• A more natural, youthful look compared to the "stretched skin" look of traditional face lift.

Safer - a syringe is used instead of a scalpel so there's reduced risk of nerve damage or scarring.

Faster recovery - No one needs to know you've had a face lift.

Lasting results - Stem cell technology changes with the face over time and doesn't shift out of place like other fillers.

More affordable than a traditional face lift.


How it Works

Dr. Newman's innovative, patent-pending "face lift" procedure harvests stem cells from your own fat then using a syringe injects your own stem cells into the appropriate areas of your face, neck or hands to replenish what has been naturally lost over time with what was naturally there.

The three-dimensional contour of the face can be sculpted using an innovative technique that restores youthful proportions.

The Stem Cell Lift® is safer, more effective and requires less downtime than a traditional face lift.


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Cosmetic surgery alternative using Stem Cell Face Lift, innovated by Dr. Nathan Newman, cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills California
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